Frithjof Struye

Frithjof Struye

A short summary of what you can find on Fritjof's CV:

  • 20+ years of international experience in corporate strategy
  • B2B Sales Management / Business Development
  • International Footprint & M&A growth strategies
  • Guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (Mönchengladbach/Krefeld)
  • Founder & Managing Partner of Business Markers Germany


Frithjof’s focus is on supporting SMEs as well as multinational companies that are willing to invest in growth or transformation to make their organizations future proof. His hands-on approach is based on the combination of long years of experience and the use of pragmatic tools. Furthermore, Frithjof is also a University guest lecturer as well as a member of several advising boards.


Ihr Fachwissen:

Business Development

Business Model & Innovation




Strategie und Ausführung

Strategischer Plan

Ihre Werkzeuge:

BusinessMarkers Tools - Trusted Advisor Coefficient

Ihre Webinare:

Strategie in Action

June 8, 2022

What's typical about Frithjof?

Frithjof is a person that is loaded with energy. He is a father of three teenagers and has a passion for golf. Giving his international background, he likes to travel and learn more about other cultures.

Frithjof's approach:

Motivating, challenging and result-driven.

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