Strategischer Plan

Strategischer Plan

Making • Telling • Doing

Strategischer Plan

  • Is it clear to everyone where the organization is going in the long term?
  • Do you have a plan to realize your wanted growth?
  • Is your plan short and clear?
  • Are all the employees involved in the process and execution of your plan?

Getting started

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We can ensure you that many businesses and business leaders have difficulties responding positively to these questions. That is why Business Markers developed a one page strategy model. S-OGSM2 is a combination of OGSM and Situational Assessment. OGSM stands for ObjectiveGoalsStrategies and Measures. The OGSM methodology translates the objective (mission and vision) into strategies and strategies into actions. This makes it a powerful mean to make choices, safeguard focus and progress and get results. On top of that, it is a perfect tool for communicating the business strategy to all employees.

Preparation and Inspiration are key: Situational Assessment

To guarantee success we start the OGSM workshop well prepared. The PWR-SWTT-framework is used to assess Strengths, Weaknesses, Trends and Threats of the business. Together we discuss and select priorities to make sure the OGSM can focus on the topics that are the most important (long and/or short term) for your organisation. Over the years we have developed over 30 methodologies to smoothen this process.

Win outside by starting inside

Successful organizations also include the V of Values in their OGSM. In a global market it is important to differentiate yourself and your unique values can do so. Values help growing companies to win outside by starting within. In our Engaged People pillar we’ll tell you all about it.


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