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Smarketing is more than just sales and marketing

It is a cultural change, where sales and marketing are truly joining forces to generate business in the most effective way. Most of the time this isn’t the case. Perhaps it’s due to the unclear division between both departments:  in some organizations you have key account managers, specialty sales, shopper marketing, category managers, product managers, product development managers, bid management, etc.

Research shows...

Research shows that even in the most straightforward configuration 8 out of 10 comments these departments use to describe each other is negative. And if they do succeed in collaborating closely, they get up to 27% more revenue, according to the latest survey Hubspot published.

Work as one team

we have developed several models and tools:

  • The Smarketing Assessment
  • The Smarketing SLA
  • Sandglass Model (funnel 2.0)
  • Account Based Marketing (b2b)
  • Social Smarketing and reference selling

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Smarketing - Die Ideale Verbindung aus Sales und Marketing

September 14, 2021

Unsere Expert:innen

Hier sind unsere Expert:innen für Smarketing, zögern Sie nicht, ihnen Ihre Fragen zu stellen!

Bob De Rydt


Christophe Sintubin

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Erwin Roels


Leonoor Moerman

Associate Partner

Roderich Körner


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