Gerdy De Clercq

Gerdy De Clercq

A short summary of what you can find on Gerdy's CV:

  • IT Manager at the Belgian Air Force
  • IT Director at Proximus
  • Managing Director - CIO & member of the Board of Directors at Baloise Insurance
  • CIO at Fednot
  • President of a charity fund since 2021
  • Partner of Business Markers


Organizations can call upon Gerdy’s expertise to achieve their growth targets through excellent digital execution. We enable technology leaders to translate corporate strategies into actionable 1 Page digital strategies and support them in setting up a fit for purpose digital organization.  Where needed, clients can benefit from Gerdy’s expertise in setting up complex sourcing deals, program portfolio management, governance and performance steering.


What's typical about Gerdy?

Professionally, Gerdy is energized by working with people on their individual and team challenges.  Strategizing together, combining the potential of new technologies with optimization of the existing digital solutions is what he loves to bring to customers. In private life, he enjoys most of all spending time with family and friends, preferably during a good walk through nature. As son of a car mechanic, he developed a particular interest in classic cars.

What can Gerdy mean for you?

Gerdy considers himself as an optimistic business & people manager. Helping digital teams and their leaders being better connected to their business stakeholders’ ambitions has become a personal mission in his projects.   He will support them to build plans and teams that can deliver both the needed innovations and continuous efficiency improvements in complex technology landscapes that run today’s businesses.

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