Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor

A doctor is the best salesman…

We don’t hesitate to follow doctor’s orders and take the drugs subscripted. And why is that? Because we trust the doctor’s professional opinion without much doubt. A salesman on the other hand is seen as a chatty-catty who tells you anything to convince you to buy. To change this narrative salesmen have to start to earn the trust of customers by playing the role of a trusted advisor helping, advising and giving value to the customer.

From transactions to relationships…. a shift in sales

Whether you are a salesman, sales manager or account manager it is no longer the product or service that is the central point, it is the customer relationship. This is the base of your value proposition. Because as a trusted adviser you no longer just sell, you advice your clients and guide them throughout the process. However, it is not up to you to decide if you’re a salesman or a trusted advisor. All depends on the client. Your responsibility is to act upon the role you want to fulfill for the client. 

How to get there?

To gain trust and build a valuable customer relationship we help, assist and guide you throughout. Our workshops and tools are fine tuned to your needs and brought in an interactive and easy to understand way. We believe that together we can attack the root causes. We integrate new techniques and behaviors in your team to ensure long term benefits. Via roleplay, video recordings, group activities, personal presentations and continuous feedback, we make your team the trusted advisors your clients value.

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