Most people think of research in an old-fashioned way. A closed room in the company for grey-haired scientists. A separate department with people working on their own. We believe in a different approach of research. It’s about the creation and validation of good ideas. A moment to look forward to the customer of the future. 

Nevertheless, there are pain points that prevent us from doing (good) research. For example: it takes too much time, research is not actionable or innovative enough, there is not enough budget or the learnings are not integrated by the team. We want to tackle these pain points so that there is no reason not to do research.

Our research recipe

If you want to do research to grow your business, you need the ‘Triple I’:

Insights: Get insights in your customer and translate it into actions.

Involvement: Involve your people and move them to make the research viable in the organisation. 

Implementation:  If you do not implement what you have learned from your research, you ‘re not going to grow. 

In this way, you will grow the ‘Triple U‘: You, Your team and Your organisation.

Research is important, but getting your teams to develop customer empathy makes the difference in the long run.

Nice to meet you! 

Valerie Busquin,
founding partner of Business Markers Research. 

Nice to meet you! 

Ides Ticket,
founding partner of Business Markers Research. 

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